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Our Services

What We Do

Our portfolio contains some of the diverse range of architectural practices from vibrant interior design with customized furniture, luxurious vacation house, inspiring learning centers, devotional mosques to cutting-edge factory buildings. Our design values are modern: universally rational with thriving spatial relationships, honest expression of materials, clean lines, planes & volumes while also being reflective of the characters of our clients,

Interior Architecture

Studio Dhaka takes the interior services to another level. We believe the best interior creates the best impression and we achieve those goals through our experienced and modern approach.

  • Support for Preparing Program requirement
  • Detail Survey of the space
  • Lay-out Design
  • Detail Designs & Drawings with Specification
  • Designs for Ceiling, Floor Finish, Partition walls, Door, Counters, Tables, Work-Stations etc.
  • Environmental Music or Sound System Net-work
  • Interior Landscape lay-out
  • Selection of Art works and other Props.
  • Signage other Graphics along with top supervision

Industry Buildings

Package Service of Architectural + Interior Design with other related services (Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire-fighting, HVAC) etc.

Commercial Buildings

Architectural Planning & Design with Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, etc. And required Interior Finish with Equipment, Fittings, Fixtures, AC Layout, Lighting, Color Scheme, Sound System, etc., BOQ, Tender Document Preparation and Supervision.

Landscape Design

Sustainable development, green roof, recreation facilities, storm water management, rain garden, green infrastructure, constructed wetlands, parks, botanical gardens, nature preserves, bridges etc.

Residential, Apartments, Real Estate

Package Service of Architectural + Interior Design with other related services (Structural, Electrical, and Plumbing), Landscape, etc. with BOQ, Tender Document Preparation and Supervision.

Urban Planning/ Master Planning

Urban Planning Services specializes in providing professional service in:

Town Planning; Project Management; and Project Strategy Services to the development industry with related Design Consultancy Service (Landscaping, Individual Structures, etc.)

Tourism Development

Overall Planning of Tourist Resorts involving Site Selection, Approach Studies, Hotel and Motel Design, Amusement Facilities with related Design Consultancy Service (Landscaping, Master Planning, Individual Structures, etc.)